About Us

Chef David James brings his national experience to his lovely restaurant in Monteagle, Tenn. From his early training in Chesapeake Bay, to learning about regional cooking in Louisiana, Texas and California, James has formed his own style and presents it with flair.

When you visit Dave’s Modern Tavern, you can count on three things:
1. Excellent food
2. A comfortable atmosphere
3. Outstanding service

Chef James has worked in just about every type of food service establishment in existence, from burger joints and taco stands to some of the finest restaurants in the country. He has blended his varying experience to create some fantastic dishes for the menus in both the dining room and the tavern.

Check out a write-up of Dave’s Modern Cafe by the Chatter, a Chattanooga Times food magazine called “Modern Dave’s Abstract Ambiance” pages 38-40.

Formerly called Modern Dave’s Cafe, the restaurant’s new addition of a taproom and bar has transformed the dinner joint to Dave’s Modern Tavern. With multiple beers on tap and; over 100 bottled beers; 70 bottles of wines and premium liquors, Dave’s has expanded from the simple cafe to a place for both families and adults to come relax and enjoy the variety of modern American fare in a traditionally English bar.